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Lada Priora — Russian car

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LADA Priora has received an upgraded 106-hp engine with a fundamentally new system of admission.
The technology improves the dynamic supercharging dynamic acceleration, increases the elasticity of the engine. It provides more comfort when driving off and maneuvering in the city. In this fuel consumption is not increased.
Fans will appreciate the vigorous drive more powerful and electromechanical power steering with a shorter gear ratio (3.1 instead of 3.9).
Suspension LADA Priora (Лада Приора) has received new elastic compression buffers, giving a sense of European-assembled chassis.

Design and image auto in Russia

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Improved aerodynamics of the rear bumper keeps longer clean Parktronic sensors.
LCD display with touch controls on the type of smartphone. Performs functions of multimedia systems and onboard computer Russified.
Paddle switches: a new design and programmability of the «cruise control» and «speed limit».
Front seat heating switches allow you to adjust heating in three bands.
The block interior lighting with a «polite world.»
The control unit of the climate system — high definition adjustments with minimal effort on the handle.
The rain sensor automatically activates the windscreen wipers. This is convenient in the rain, but this feature is especially helpful when your car slushy weather doused with water surrounding the machine.
Exterior mirrors: Wide reflective surface, LED turn signal repeaters.
Remote drive locks the tailgate or tailgate.
Highlighting places entry and exit.
Preheater — an option for the northern regions — increases engine life, reduces fuel consumption … and makes life easier for the driver.

Lada Priora (auto in Russia) is a viable alternative to many famous models automakers Renault, Hyundai, Volskwagen, Nissan, Toyota, because of its low cost — less than $ 9.000.

Price — LADA Priora седан — комплектации и цены — LADA

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