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Lada auto: Lada XRAY

Лада Хрэй

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In August 2012, the Lada XRAY concept car was launched at the Moscow International Automobile Salon. The XRAY was designed by chief designer Steve Mattin, formerly of Volvo and Mercedes-Benz.

Prototype LADA Vesta and concept of five-door LADA XRAY crossover became the key highlights of AVTOVAZ’s booth at Moscow International Motorshow 2014. Cars were presented by LADA Chief Designer Steve Mattin.

LADA XRAY is the first compact city crossover in company’s history. Car’s original style was developed by AVTOVAZ’s specialists. Car’s design based on B0 platform and is the result of collaboration cooperation between Renault’s and AVTOVAZ’s specialists. Production started on December 15 in full compliance with schedule previously announced by the company Car is produced at Togliatti manufacturing site. Starts of sales was held on February 14, 2016. LADA XRAY is available in 7 trim-levels.

Lada is a marque of car manufactured by Russian car manufacturer AvtoVAZ based in Tolyatti, Samara Oblast. It was originally the export brand for models sold under the Zhiguli name in the domestic Soviet market after June 1970. Lada’s parent, AvtoVAZ, continues to produce nearly one million cars a year in Tolyatti, including the Lada Kalina, Lada Granta, Lada Priora, Lada Vesta, and the Lada 4×4.

Lada cars became popular in Russia and Eastern Europe during the last two decades of the Soviet era, particularly in former Soviet bloc countries.

The original Lada was widely exported in sedan and station-wagon versions, and with over 20 million units sold before production ended in mid-2012, it had become the highest-selling automobile to be produced without a major design change.

Russian cars: Lada auto - Xray (Лада Хрэй} Russian cars: Lada auto-Lada XRAY

The Lada badge depicts a shallow-draft river sailing ship (a form of Viking longship) known as a lad’ya in Russian.

Lada had a market share of 20% in Russia, in the first six months of 2015, with 140,646 vehicles sold, increasing from 16% in the same period the previous year.