Автоновости, обзор лучших и популярных моделей автомобилей
Автоновости, обзор лучших и популярных моделей автомобилей

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GAZ auto, VAZ auto, UAZ auto, KAMAZ, Izh auto - Russia's largest producer of commercial vehicles, the leaders of the automobile industry in the country.

Цены на все модели ГАЗель NEXT (Next Gazelle price - all modifications)
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GAZ Group produces light and medium duty commercial vehicles, buses, heavy-duty trucks, passenger cars, special auto, powertrains and auto components. It incorporates 13 plants in 8 regions of Russia. It is the leader of the commercial vehicles market of Russia and occupies 50% of the light commercial vehicles segment and nearly 75% of the buses segment. The flagship product of the company is the light commercial vehicle of the new generation GAZelle NEXT. GAZ auto is the leader among Russian automakers in creating eco-friendly types of vehicles, including vehicles on alternative fuels.

GAZ Group implements the best world practice in the sphere of technology and production, purchases, sales and other business processes. It enables the company to upgrade the model range in accordance with the modern market demands, to implement cooperation with the leading international OEM’s and to maintain its doubtless leadership in the commercial vehicles market.

GAZ Group is constantly working on improving the production capacity and implementing new technologies. In the framework of the production preparation for the new generation vehicle GAZelle NEXT in GAZ Plant, new stamping and welding lines were installed, the painting complex was modernized and the new quality control points were introduced. The new paint shop from Eisenmann was built that provides the painting process and guaranteed anticorrosion protection in full compliance with the global standards.

Within the joint projects GAZ has with Volkswagen/Skoda and Daimler, GAZ renovated over 200 000 square meters of production facilities and logistic areas, and established a new training center.

GAZ Group built a new high-tech diesel engine plant in Yaroslavl that is the most modern diesel making plant in Russian car that is no worse than any of the best global engine makers in terms of installed modern equipment and process automation.

For the last few years, GAZ Group has invested over 30 B RUR in modernizing its processes, renovating its product portfolio and establishing new manufacturing facilities.

GAZ Group is a school for developing lean production specialists in Russia. Leaders from various economic sectors study the GAZ Production System that in 10 years enabled the company to increase the labor productivity four times. The GAZ Production System, based on the Toyota Production System principles, is an effective mechanism for reduction of the production cost, expenses, for quality improvement and increase of the labor safety level. The GAZ Production System allows to organize an employee’s work with the maximum level of comfort through standardization of work stations and to raise labor productivity and product quality without mobilization of additional resources.

In April 2013, the new family of light commercial vehicles GAZelle NEXT was launched into serial production. These vehicles are a combination of modern technical solutions, excellent ergonomics, safety and reliability with a low price, economic efficiency, simplicity of design. In March 2014 the plant started series production of the GAZelle NEXT with crew cabin and the GAZelle NEXT bus – absolutely new extra-small bus model designed for routes, suburban, corporate and touristic transportations. In October 2015, mass production of the GAZelle Next panel van was started. The new model is presented in two versions: a cargo van and a cargo-passenger combi van.

In September 2014 GAZ launched series production of GAZon Next medium-duty trucks that feature a high level of functionality, comfort and economic efficiency. In March 2015 two new versions of the vehicle were launched GAZon NEXT City with reduced wheel diameter and GAZon NEXT with crew cabin.

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GAZ Group buses conform to the highest emission standards – Euro-4 and Euro-5. The vehicles are produced following the most modern market demands and with consideration of the demands of all the passenger groups (including disabled passengers and children). GAZ presented its new bus models at the Bus World Show on 12 May: Vector-3 and medium bus LIAZ-4292. Both models are designed for routes with low passenger traffic.

Ural plant specializing in production of high-duty vehicles, started serial production of an upgraded family of all-wheel drive trucks Ural-M in 2014. The retrofitted design incorporates about 50 various modifications and improvements. In 2015, the new generation Ural NEXT truck was unveiled at the Moscow expo forum. Production and sales started in the end of november in 2015.

In 2013, GAZ Group started a serial production of YaMZ-530 medium in-line Euro-4 engines capable of achieving Euro-5 and Euro-6 emission standards.

In April 2014, UMZ plant of GAZ Group launched a new gasoline engine EvoTech 2,7 designed for GAZelle Business and GAZelle NEXT LCV’s.

GAZ Group is integrating itself into the global automotive industry through partnerships with the leading global OEM’s. GAZ Group is cooperating with the leaders of the global automotive industry, like Volkswagen and Daimler, in production of passenger cars Skoda Octavia, Skoda Yeti, Volkswagen Jetta and commercial vehicles Mercedes-Benz Sprinter on the GAZ production facilities. It set up joint ventures with the European autocomponent manufacturers Bosal and Bulten. The joint projects with the global companies allow GAZ Group to modernize its capacities and provide the personnel with training in the best standards of the global automotive industry for its own product portfolio development and participation in localization of foreign brands.

GAZ Group is very active in entering export markets. In 2014, GAZ obtained the European certificate for GAZelle NEXT providing for the vehicle sales in all the states of the European Union.

In September 2015, production and sale of GAZelle NEXT Euro-5 vehicles were started in Turkey. This is the first series production of Euro-5 LCV abroad.

In February 2015, GAZ Group entered into a distribution agreement with an East European company Verano Motors, which provides for sales of GAZelle NEXT vehicles in the territory of Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia. In August, sales of GAZelle NEXT Euro 5 have been launched in Serbia. Till the end of the year 2015, sales will also be launched in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia.

The Company is negotiating with potential partners in over 30 countries regarding distribution of its products.

GAZ Group implements energy-saving technologies for vehicles and develops promising types of vehicles powered with alternative fuels. GAZ Group is the leading company in Russia producing vehicles on alternative types of fuel: since 2006 LIAZ buses powered with compressed natural gas (methane) have been produced; since 2010 - GAZelle BUSINESS vehicles with engines powered with liquefied natural gas; since 2011 - LIAZ-5292 low-floor buses powered with methane; and from 2013 production of PAZ-3204 and KAVZ-4238 buses powered with gas fuel is going to be started. Starting from 2013, the company produces pre-series GAZelle BUSINESS vehicles powered both with gasoline and methane. On the base of YaMZ-530 engine production in association with Westport, the leading international manufacturer of automotive gas-fuel systems, the production of engines powered with compressed natural gas is being organized.

GAZ Group is a supplier of the key national projects. The Company as an acknowledged leader of the Russian bus market won the status of the Sochi 2014 Olympics supplier. The new versions of Voyage and LIAZ buses were developed specifically for transportation of guests and athletes of the XXII Winter Olympics and of the XI Winter Paraolympics in Sochi in 2014. The Company has supplied 709 Voyage buses and 30 LIAZ buses that served on the main routes between the Olympic objects.

KAMAZ auto

Russian cars | Image auto | Kamaz-7
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KAMAZ Group of Companies is the largest automobile corporation in the Russian Federation. KAMAZ PTC ranks 11-th among the world’s leading heavy duty truck producers.

February 16-th 1976 witnessed the first truck produced on the banks of the Kama River roll off the assembly line of the Truck Assembly Plant.

The Year 1988 had seen the one millionth truck come off the final assembly line of the Truck Assembly Plant since production began.

In February 2008, the final assembly line of KAMAZ-Diesel OJSC turned out the 2.5-millionth engine.

On February15-th 2012, КАМАZ produced its 2-millionth truck.

By mid-December 2015, KAMAZ Truck Assembly Plant had built more than 2 million 170 thousand finished trucks since production began.

MORE THAN 2 MILLION 170 THOUSAND FINISHED TRUCKS SINCE PRODUCTION BEGAN By mid-December 2015, more than 2 million 850 thousand engines and power packs had been manufactured since production began.

The charter capital of KAMAZ comprises 35.36 bn. Rubles. The largest blocks of stock are owned by the government and commercial banks.

One single production base of KAMAZ PTC Group of Organizations incorporates the overall truck manufacturing cycle, beginning fr om design, manufacture, assembly of vehicles and components and ending up with sales of finished products and service backup.

The process flow group of companies includes 12 major plants involved in truck making business. The following operations are located on the industrial site in Naberezhnye Chelny: Metallurgical Complex (Foundries and Forge), Engine Plant, Press and Stamping Plant, Truck Assembly Plant, Repair and Tooling Plant, Master Industrial Park. Major subsidiaries situated outside the limits of the City of Naberezhnye Chelny are: Neftekamsk Auto Works OJSC and Tuymazi Concrete Mixer Truck Plant OJSC (Republic of Bashkortostan), KAMAZ Auto Trailer OJSC (Stavropol).

KAMAZ Group of Organizations, today, comprises more than 150 organizations based in Russia, CIS and the far abroad countries.

Today, divisions and subsidiaries of KAMAZ PTC employed nearly 40 000 persons.

In 2014, KAMAZ PTC sold 32 584 trucks and CKD kits which included exports in the quantity of more than 6 thousand units.

КАМАZ has been the absolute leader in heavy duty truck sales in such markets as Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and a number of other countries.


"AvtoVAZ" - one of the largest automakers in Eastern Europe. Today, the company production capacity to produce about 1 million cars and auto kits per year. Since 1970, the plant produced more than 28 million cars LADA. The company's products - cars mass market in the price range of 289 thousand - 500 thousand rubles. In 2012, the "AvtoVAZ" has become a multi-brand manufacturer and produces vehicles under the Renault and Nissan brands.

Lada auto is one of the leaders of the Russian automotive industry. The company manufacturing facilities are located in Togliatti and Izhevsk. AVTOVAZ technical capabilities allow producing up to 1 million automobiles and automobile kits a year.

Russian cars | Image auto | Largus-12
Russian cars | Image auto | Vesta-9

- 20% LADA’s share on Russian market. - 50% Increase of export. - Positive cash flow. - 6% operating income. - 6 new LADA models until 2017.

"AVTOVAZ" sums up the results of 2015, which was a turning point in the development of the Company and returning LADA to strong positions on the Russian market. First of all - due to start of production of a new generation vehicles bearing the brand's new DNA. For the first time in the last decade a new Russian-made car - LADA Vesta - hit the market, and for the first time since 2004 Togliatti production site got a new LADA model - XRAY.

A number of significant events happened with LADA in 2015. First, LADA Largus Cross start of sales in February 2015. "We have started LADA Largus Cross project in 2014 and began the assembly of the new model only when provided the proper quality of all the components. This approach is basic to AVTOVAZ in the update of the lineup, "- said AVTOVAZ President Bo Inge Andersson.

In the same month, LADA Vesta and LADA XRAY were highly appreciated by the Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. Mr Medvedev got acquainted with the cars in the course of his working visit to Samara and emphasized the modern design and comfortable conditions for drivers and passengers.

"AvtoVAZ" will deliver their cars to Syria, Lebanon and Israel. It clarifies that import Lada to Syria will be the company Rakha Trading - importer of Nissan cars. Rakha Trading representative in Damascus confirmed that Lada supplies from Russia are expected in early March. "At first, Granta, 4x4 and Largus, then gradually we begin to import other models, such as Kalina, Vesta and X-Ray».


In the year 2013 Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant set up a record in recent years by the number of the cars realized in foreign markets. So, in last year, 10 421 cars were sold in the export markets, this number exceeds 37% a similar indicator of 2012. UAZ cars were delivered to 20 countries. In February the official opening of the new dealer center UAZ took place in Naberezhnye Chelny on the territory of the Republic of Tatarstan. At the end of March expedition on the SUV UAZ PATRIOT reached one of the most northern ports of Russia — Tiksi harbor mislaid on the coast of the Arctic Ocean. For the first time in history, Russian UAZ Patriot SUV crossed Yakutia on winter roads through the frozen tundra, also it reached the Yakut settlement of Yuryung-Huy, and for the first time, through Taymylyr, passed from West side to one of the most northern ports of Russia to Tiksi, having become the only and by right the first one who crossed the 73rd parallel of a northern latitude under the own steam.

Russian cars | Image auto | uaz patriot-1
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In the middle June, 2014 UAZ PATRIOT model range was replenished with three new special versions at once: UnLimited, Expedition and Trophy. In the second half of June UAZ PATRIOT and UAZ PICKUP received the up-to-date power steering and became even more convenient and safe.

From November 22 to December 7, 2014 motor rally on the new cars UAZ Patriot equipped with the ZMZ petrol engine took place on the Crimean peninsula. 8 UAZ Patriots of the last generation were involved in run including the ones painted in colors of a tricolor of the Russian flag, which were first to descend from the conveyor of Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant.

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